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AAP Student Travel Award

Connecting science students with the science community.


Only student members of AAP are eligible for this award.

Student members must designate which conference they want to travel to, and it must be a conference within a year from the cut-off date.

The award, given annually to one student member, is up to AUD$1,000.


Criteria for judging the award will be on the quality of the abstract submitted to the committee and the distance the student is travelling from.

The recipient of the AAP Student Travel Award will be requested to submit a video of their c presentation, or a picture of their poster, so it can be uploaded to  AAP social media.

How to Apply

To apply, student members must fill out the application form and submit it to the AAP Chair Dr. K. Travouillon

Application submission is now open and are due by the 31st of March 2023.

Application Form 📄


2019 - Elizabeth M. Dowding

2020-2022 - COVID

2023 - Stephanie Richter Stretton (top left)

2023 - Roy Farman (bot left)

2023 - Alexey Ippolitov (top right)

2023 - Ben Robertson (bot right)


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