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AAP Dorothy Hill Award

An annual award for middle career researchers


About Dorothy Hill

Dorothy Hill was Research Professor of Geology, University of Queensland 1959–1972 and served for six months as President of the Australian Academy of Science, Canberra in 1970. She was the first woman elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science (FAA) and has published widely on palaeontology, stratigraphy and geology. She is commemorated by Dorothy Hill Chair in Palaeontology & Stratigraphy at the University of Queensland, established in 1972 and the Dorothy Hill Library, University of Queensland.

[Summary from Encyclopedia of Australian Science: ]


'Google doodle' in celebration of Dr Hill's 111'st birthday.

Conditions and criteria

Only members of AAP are eligible for this $1000AUD award.

  • To be eligible, a member must publish a paper on Australasian Palaeontology and then submit it to the AAP committee.

  • The member must be the lead author on the paper and must be a ‘middle career researcher’ (between 6 years after graduation and retirement)

  • Only the lead author will receive the award, as the team leader and member of AAP.

  • Criteria for judging the award will include the quality of the research (supported by strong empirical data), and how ground-breaking the research is (has it changed our current understanding).


How to apply

A member can self-nominate by sending their own research paper by email at any time to the AAP Executive Committee. Members can nominate other members by following the same procedure. The paper must have been published either in electronic or paper form within that calendar year.

For submissions and more information, please contact:



2019 - Dr Chris Mays

2020 - Dr Scott Hocknull

2021 - Professor Kate Trinajstic

2022 - Dr Matthew McCurry

"AAP is pleased to recognise Dr Matt McCurry through the AAP Dorothy Hill  award. Matt is an exceptional scientist currently working in the newly described McGrath's Flat  Konservat-Lagerstätten and has made outstanding contributions to Australian and global Miocene studies."

AAP Commitee

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