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Filming at PDU3 this July!

The Organising Committee of PDU3 are thrilled to welcome a documentary team to film at our events.

The team that produced the critically acclaimed documentary ROLA (Stone) will be taking on a new initiative focusing on different ways of experiencing, participating in, and contributing to geoscience through the lens of one of the delegates as she to the PDU3 conference and field trip to Kalbarri.

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Rola is the Anaiwan word for “stone”. This film explores the inseparable connection between geology, landscapes and culture on Anaiwan Country (Northern Tablelands area of New South Wales, Australia). Visit the Anaiwan Land Council page.


Watch ROLA (Stone)

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The Current Project

The current documentary project will follow PDU3 delegate, Eleanor Beidatsch, her family, and colleagues during their time at PDU3 and the Kalbarri fieldtrip.


I am studying Honours in palaeontology at UNE under the supervision of Dr Marissa Betts and Dr Nic Campione, investigating the shape variations of Cambrian Onychophora from 500-million years ago. We are using a totally computer-based science called geometric morphometrics to get statistical data on the size and shape variations of these ancient worms.


The documentary team will be present for the duration of the conference. The PDU3 organisers will be sending out information in our circulars, in your conference itinerary, and in person. For any questions please email Elizabeth M. Dowding ( 

Think of a Palaeontologist

My love of palaeontology and the biological sciences began in childhood. When I was nine years old, I became fascinated by the evolution of cetaceans, how whales and dolphins went from a terrestrial predator to the largest animals to ever live in the oceans. I would spend hours thinking and reading about how these mammals had changed over the course of millions of years. That was when I decided I wanted to be a marine palaeontologist and I haven’t changed my mind in the last two decades.

Eleanor Beidatsch

The Team

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