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Advocating Australasia's natural history.

This page is a launch pad into the AAP network. You will find links to our databases, researchers, and public talks.

Our Fossil Heritage: resources and community


The natural history of the Australasian region is unique. From the world's oldest known fossil to our living 'dinosaur tree', the Wollemi Pine, the natural history of Australasia is unlike anything you will see, anywhere else in the world.

The Australian Museum offers a wealth of information on Australia's evolving landscapes.

For teacher resources: follow the below link to explore natural history on our doorstep!


Palaeontology databases are a way of storing and caring for our fossil resources. Databases are useful for both researchers and the public! The 'Paleobiology Database' is a great resource allowing you to visualise what fossils are where! Click here! 

Geoscience Australia offers online tools for teaching and learning. Click here!

The AAP also have our own databases focusing on Australasia's fossil heritage.


Australasia is host to many palaeontology research groups and the AAP's official newsletter, Nomen Nudum, is a free directory to the front line of palaeontology.

Within Nomen Nudum you will find active researchers, their current work, and a gateway to Australasia's palaeontology community.

For more information, follow the link below.


 Australasian Palaeontologists official YouTube channel : click here

Geological Society of Australia's official Youtube channel : click here

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