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    Connecting Australasia to the World   

Australasian Palaeontologists has joined with the 'National Species List' initiative to produce the first complete 'Fossil National Species List'.

Project Summary

The Australian National Species Lists is a joint project between the Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS)  and a number of Australian museums and herbaria, universities, CSIRO, and the Australian Government. The National Species Lists will compile all existing names for Australian biota (including linking of names that are synonyms) as an essential support for Government policy and for the ALA (Atlas of Living Australia) tools for mapping and modelling species distributions.


Fossil Checklists

Our first step toward the completion of the Fossil National Species List is to gather experts in the field to compile a taxonomic checklist of all the fossil species. The following checklists are now available to download: 





Get Involved!

We are looking for specialists in the various taxonomic groups to volunteer their time to help collate these lists. This will help researchers in the future and also allow the 'Atlas of Living Australia (ALA)' to upload palaeontological data.



New and Old Worlds - NOW- Database

Australasian Palaeontologists will be managing the Australian data for the 'New and Old Worlds (NOW) Database'. It is a Fossil Mammal Database available freely online. We are looking for Mammal specialists to join our team and contribute to the database.


Project Summary

The NOW (New and Old Worlds) fossil mammal database contains information about Cenozoic land mammal taxa and localities. The emphasis of the database has been on the European Miocene and Pliocene but North American localities, covering the whole Cenozoic, were added to the public database in 2016. African localities are currently being added and updated, and the temporal scale is also becoming wider for both Eurasia and Africa, with Pleistocene and Paleogene localities being added into the database. The NOW database is maintained and coordinated by Indrė Žliobaitė in collaboration with associate coordinators, a steering group and an international advisory board. For more information, click here!


How to Contribute

We are looking for contributors to compile the data for Australasian bats, rodents, and marine mammals, and to help collate the data for marsupials. Please contact us if you wish to contribute.



The Australian Taxonomy Community Directory

Taxonomy Australia has launched an Australian Taxonomy Community Directory, where palaeotaxonomists are also encouraged to join. This is a great resource to find the experts in the field.

The directory can be found here:

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