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Palaeo Down Under 3

New date: 10-14 July 2023

Australasian Palaeontologists' quadrennial conference, showcasing excellence in research, outreach, and education.


The Organising Committee has the pleasure of inviting you to Perth, Western Australia, for Palaeo Down Under 3 (PDU3) in July 2023. Palaeo Down Under is the Australasian Palaeontologists’ main conference, and aims to highlight palaeontological research, education and outreach throughout Australasia. 

See our Circular for updates!

It is also available for download!

The Committee invites all attendees to view our page on the Acknowlegement of Country and the AIATSIS map of Indigenous Australia.

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Abstracts for Alcheringa Special Issue




Conference T-shirt

Sizing information for Straight and Contoured cut


Behind the #PDU3 conference logo!


Congratulations to UQ honours student and illustrator Nellie Pease for her winning entry! Nellie has included the following description with her winning design:


I've included a few key fossils from Western Australia in this logo. From the centre outwards, I've included the string-of-pearls Horodyskia williamsii fossils, the Shark Bay stromatolites, the trace fossils of the Tumblagooda Sandstone, the arthropod Kalbarria, a Gogo fish, some Permian glossopterids, some Jurassic conifers and ferns, the Broome dinosaur trackways, and Thylacoleo. They're arranged roughly in chronological order, in the shape of an ammonite, to represent WA's Miria Marl fossils, which are the largest collection of Cretaceous ammonites in the world. I wanted to include some plant and invertebrate fossils in this, to show that palaeontology is the study of all living things over all evolutionary time - not just the big recognisable ones!

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