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Behind the Scenes

The Australasian Palaeontologists (AAP) was founded in 1974 to promote the study of palaeontology and allied sciences. The AAP supports palaeontology through the publication of academic journals, contributing to science outreach, holding regular meetings, sponsoring student events, and funding a program of annual grants and awards.


The AAP is based in the Australia but its members are from all over the world. The interests of members of the AAP encompass all aspects of palaeontology, including palaeobotany, taxonomy, vertebrate palaeontology, palaeoecology, and biostratigraphy. Whilst focussed on the Australasian region, the AAP connects with broader work in international palaeontology through publication and conferences.


The AAP is committed to providing equality of opportunity. Membership offered through the Geological Society of Australia(GSA) and together we accept applications regardless of gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, colour, ethnic or national origin, race, religious or other beliefs, marital status or family circumstance.


AAP welcomes a new committee, July 2023

The 2024 AAP Committee

Nic Campione.jpg

Dr Nic Campione (University of New England)


Pat Smith.jpg

Dr Pat Smith (Australian Museum)


Marissa Betts2

Dr Marissa Betts (University of New England)


Phil Bell.jpg

A/Prof. Phil Bell (University of New England)

Vice Chair

Mat McCurry.jpg

Dr Matt McCurry (Australian Museum)



How to join

First join the GSA under the Member tab on the GSA website.


With your primary GSA membership, you will be able to select a journal subscription to either AJES or Alcheringa.

To be part of AAP, you must select one of the following specialist group affiliations:

‘Palaeontology (Alcheringa)’ - $40.00
‘Palaeontology (No Alcheringa) (AAP)’ - $15.00
‘Palaeontology Student (No Alcheringa) (AAP)’ - $4.95

If you are only a member of GSA but not AAP, you will not be eligible for the AAP awards and will not receive correspondence about AAP activities.

Image by Peter Gonzalez
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