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We rely on the combined support of many people to raise funds for our current program and support our capacity to plan for the future.

  • Display your product in front of a highly targeted and brand-loyal event clientele.
  • Focus marketing efforts to the event’s specific audience
  • Many attendees are leaders in their field, affording you niche exposure as well as networking and learning opportunities
  • Our attendees, speakers, and audience comprise a very passionate and active social media base on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites.

We will work with you to create a measurable presence meeting your goals and budget, accompanied by a benefits package which, depending on your level of contribution, will offer your organisation an individualised support package inclusive of name/logo badging and signage distribution, hospitality options.

Contact us for more detailed information and to discuss your strategic goals.

Support PDU2 and you are supporting a celebration of past and current achievements showcasing exciting research and innovative technological developments.

Strategic Sponsor                                      $15 000
Field-trip Sponsor                                      $10 000
Keynote-speaker Sponsor                         $ 5 000
Delegate satchels                                        $ 5 000
Coffee Cart Sponsor                                   $ 2 500
Adelaide half-day Field-excursion           $ 1 500
Student Sponsor                                         $ 1 000

Social event opportunities:

Conference dinner                                      $10 000
Welcome ice-breaker                                  $ 5 000
Coffee cart                                                    $ 2 500 (could also be part of exhibitors pkge)
Happy hour drinks                                      $ 1 000 (part of exhibitors package)

In-kind support is a valuable alternative to direct cash support and could encompass vital conference requirements such as audiovisual, transport, theming, entertainment, keynote speaker gifts, prizes, banners, signage, software, tracking, satchels (and insert items), lanyards, food and beverage, printing and other aspects, helping to reduce expenditure.

We acknowledge with deep appreciation our sponsors: