Types, software and upload of Oral presentations

Types of Oral presentations

Keynote Plenary Speaker: These are by invitation only. They will be 40 mins of talk + 5 mins for questions from the audience.

Symposium/Thematic Session Speaker: These are decided between the Organising Committee and the Symposium/Thematic Session organizer. They will be 27 mins of talk + 3 mins for questions from the audience.

Oral communication: They will be 12 mins talk + 3 minutes for questions from the audience. The Chair of the session will be in charge of strict compliance to these time limits.

Software for Oral Presentations

Presentations are accepted in both Powerpoint (Windows) and Keynote (Mac OS). For organizational purposes, please indicate which software will be preferred when submitting the abstract online.

Upload of Oral Presentations

Presentations will need to be uploaded to the computer of the venue room before the beginning of the morning (before 9am) or afternoon sessions (before 2pm). Please, bring in a USB memory drive as soon as possible and contact the person in charge of computers in the venue.

Label you file with the following information: "Session_FIRST AUTHOR_Title". Check the programme and chose the session code which corresponds to your slot below. These will also be indicated in the detailed programme received with Conference Registration package.

Conference Session-Codes

Venues: The Braggs Lecture Theatre, Ingkarni Wardli & Mawson Lecture Theatre

Session 1: 9.00-10.30;    Session 2: 11.00-12.30;     Session 3: 14.00-15.30;    Session 4: 16.00–17.30


Monday, July 11

Mo-1: Opening Ceremony + Ediacaran Keynote

Mo-2: Ediacaran Symposium

Mo-3: Ediacaran Symposium

Mo-4A: Ediacaran Symposium

Mo-4B: Palaeontology Promotion


Tuesday, July 12

Tu-1: Cambrian Symposium

Tu-2: Cambrian Symposium

Tu-3A: Cambrian Symposium

Tu-3B: Dinosaurs and their world

Tu-4A: Cambrian Symposium

Tu-4B: Cenozoic session


Wednesday, July 13

We-1: Palaeozoic Session

We-2A: Palaeozoic Session

We-2B: Palaeobotany


Thursday, July 14

Th-1: Mesozoic Session

Th-2: New Techniques in Palaeontology

Th-3A: Cambrian Symposium

Th-3B: Palaeontology into the 21st century

Th-4A: Cambrian Symposium

Th-4B: Synchrotron Workshop


Friday, July 15

Fr-1: Cenozoic session

Fr-2: Palaeozoic session

Fr-3A: Cambrian Symposium

Fr-3B: New Zealand and Cave Palaeontology

Fr-4: Cambrian Symposium