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The aim of the Australasian Palaeontologists (AAP) Dorothy Hill Award is to reward the best research paper within a calendar year. It will be awarded by the AAP Executive Committee at the beginning of the following year. The AAP Dorothy Hill Award comes with a monetary award of AU$1,000.  

Conditions and criteria:

  • Only members of AAP are eligible for this award.

  • To be eligible, a member must publish a paper on Australasian Palaeontology and then submit it to the AAP committee.

  • The member must be the lead author on the paper and must be a ‘middle career researcher’ (i.e. between 6 years after graduation and retirement).

  • Only the lead author will receive the award, as the team leader and member of AAP.

  • Criteria for judging the award will include the quality of the research (supported by strong empirical data), and how ground-breaking the research is.


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The Mary Wade Prize will be awarded biennially by the AAP Executive Committee for the best paper(s) published in the previous two years in a peer-reviewed AAP publication (currently, Alcheringa and Australasian Palaeontological Memoirs) by an early career researcher as sole or first author.

Conditions and criteria:

  • ‘Early career’ is defined as any Tertiary student, or any researcher who has graduated less than five years previously at the time of submission of the paper.

  • Only Australasian studies or investigations utilising predominantly Australasian material are eligible.


The Robert Etheridge Jr Medal aims to recognise a researcher’s lifetime contribution to Australasian palaeontology and will be awarded by the AAP Executive Committee.

Conditions and criteria:

  • Only members of AAP are eligible for this award.

  • To be eligible, a member must be nominated by another member of AAP.

  • Nominees must have made an outstanding lifetime contribution to Australasian palaeontology.

  • The award may be made annually or biennially to one or more nominee (at the discretion of the AAP committee, but with no more than 4 awards in a 4-year committee term).

  • Criteria for judging the award will include the number and quality of publications, research communication (including to the public) and contributions to student education.


The AAP Student Travel Award aims to help a student member of AAP attend a conference of their choosing to present their research as a talk or a poster presentation.  

Conditions and criteria:

  • Only student members of AAP are eligible for this award.

  • To be eligible, a student member must submit the application form by email to the AAP committee.

  • Student members must designate which conference they want to travel to, and it must be a conference within a year from the cut-off date.

  • The award, given annually to one student member, is up to AU$1,000.

  • Criteria for judging the award will be on the quality of the abstract submitted to the committee and the distance the student travels to attend the conference.

  • The recipient of the AAP Student Travel Award will be requested to submit a video of their conference presentation, or a picture of their poster, to be uploaded to AAP social media.

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