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PDU3 Field Trips

Three Field Trips: Australia's Fossil Heritage 


Duck Creek Dolomite.
Photo credit: Simon P. Johnson


Kalbarri and Surrounds17-20 July 2023, $700 AUD pp.

Pre and Mid-conference: coming soon!


Precambrian Highlights

Pre-Conference: 1 July - 7 July 2023

This trip will incorporate Pilbara early life sites, chain of beads (Horodyskia williamsi) localities, microbialite reefs of the Duck Creek Dolomite and the World Heritage Listed modern microbialites of Hamelin Pool (subject to change). Field trip leaders: Heidi Allen (GSWA), David Flannery (QUT) and David Martin (GSWA). Cost: $3200 AUD pp.


Kalbarri and Surrounds

Post-Conference: 17-20 July 2023

Kalbarri is home to richly fossiliferous Cretaceous marine outcrops with diverse shark and marine reptile fauna, as well as early arthropod trackways in the Siluro-Ordovician Tumblagooda Sandstone. A day will be spent visiting various Cretaceous marine sites on Murchison House Station, with another day exploring the arthropod trackways in Kalbarri National Park. The journey to and from Kalbarri will also include stops at various sites of palaeontological interest, with details to be confirmed in due course. A reasonable level of fitness will be essential as most of the sites at Murchison House Station and in Kalbarri National Park entail hiking over rough terrain. Field trip leaders: Helen Ryan (WAM) and Arthur Mory (GSWA). Cost: c. $700 AUD pp.



Boola Bardip Museum

Mid-Conference: 12 July, 2023

A mid-conference excursion to Western Australia’s Boola Bardip Museum, including free entry and guided talks in the galleries by subject specialists, is planned for the afternoon of Wednesday 12 July. This excursion will be offered to all conference participants at

no additional cost

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